ECL Sensory Service

We are a team of sensory specialists delivering services across Essex and beyond. Our aim is to ensure that people can access the correct information, advice and support at the right time, in the right place and in the right way.

We achieve this by effectively working in partnership making the best use of local and national resources in order to deliver co-produced high quality services that are focused on prevention, early intervention and maximising independence. With a quarter of our sensory employees living with a sensory impairment, our services are unique in providing support that is shaped around individual needs focusing on improving the lives of our customers.

ECL Sensory Service

Our highly qualified team is comprised of experienced Rehabilitation & Mobility Workers, Sensory Assistants, Technical Officers for deaf/hard of hearing people, Coordination Centre Workers, Sensory Awareness Trainer, Sighted Guides and Communicator Guides, as well as our invaluable Sensory Ambassador volunteers. Whilst working alongside individuals with varying levels of sensory loss, we also have significant experience working with people with additional physical and learning disabilities.

We offer ‘Lived Experience’ Sensory Awareness training which is designed, co-ordinated and delivered by staff and volunteers who have sensory impairments.  The course, which aims to immerse users into the world of those living with a visual, hearing or a dual sensory impairment, can be bespoke and has been commissioned by a range of providers including Essex Police,  Falls Prevention Teams, County Councillors, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service, Essex County Council and GP’s.

We pride ourselves on strong partnerships with local and national voluntary organisations as well as the emergency services, helping us to raise awareness throughout the community and strengthen our services through joint working.  We are committed to ensuring that throughout our service design and delivery the customer remains at the heart.


ECL, formerly known as Essex Cares Limited, was established by Essex County Council (ECC) in 2009 as the UK’s first Local Authority Trading Company. Over the last seven years, we have grown to offer a wide range of specialist services which can be delivered anywhere across the UK.

Over time we have developed a robust, flexible and lean workforce with a can-do attitude and with a third of our staff having worked within the team for over a decade and newer staff members coming equipped with previous sensory experience, as a collective we have wide range of experience and expertise.

Our contract with ECC is based on a service designed through a long and thorough process of consultation, working alongside service-users, health and social care professionals and local providers.  We are commissioned by ECC to provide specialist support to people in Essex who have a sight loss, hearing loss or combined sight and hearing loss. Our wide range of services include; a Sensory Coordination Centre offering specialist information, advice and guidance, management of the sensory registers and associated ring-back processes, holistic assessments and support, rehabilitation, mobility and daily living skills training and specialist equipment provision. Included within our contract is delivery of commissioning activity funding voluntary sector providers for the period 2016 – 2018.

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