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What is the Sensory Action Alliance?

It is an alliance of organisations representing different sectors who have pledged to make two small but widespread and impactful changes to improve the lives of those with sight and/or hearing loss.  Pledges will be published here and reviewed annually.

We will support Sensory Action Alliance members to consider ways they could improve access and the steps needed to achieve their pledges.

Why do we need a Sensory Action Alliance?

One in six of us has a hearing loss and one in thirty has a sight loss.   In Essex this equates to nearly 350,000 people and this figure is set to grow.  This isn’t just something which happens to other people and so we all need to play our part in making the world we live in more accessible and inclusive.

Barriers to access can be environmental, personnel, system or information-based but often cause people to stop going out, lose confidence, independence and become excluded from society.  The knock on is poorer health and quality of life, missed appointments, less footfall on the high street and higher complaints and dissatisfaction.

It is this we are seeking to change through the Sensory Action Alliance by sharing our expertise and supporting providers and wider communities to become more accessible.

The benefits of being a member.

  • Publicly demonstrating your integrity and commitment to improving access for all.
  • Promotion as a founding member of this new and exciting initiative.
  • Improved customer and staff loyalty and positive feedback.
  • Opening up your business to thousands of potential new customers and the ‘purple pound’.
  • Reduced missed appointments and a chance to promote your achievements to the CQC.
  • Equalities Act 2010 and NHS Accessible Information Standard compliance.
  • Networking and training opportunities with us and other alliance members to share best practice.
  • The ongoing support of the ECL Sensory Team and partner organisations for information, guidance and advice.

If you’d like join us in the UK’s very first Sensory Action Alliance and help us to build a sensory friendly Essex, please contact us at