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Student Social Worker Lauren completes her placement at ECL Sensory

During my time as a student Social Worker with the ECL Sensory Team I have been able to learn so many new skills whilst also building on my knowledge and understanding of sensory. I am very pleased with the progress I have made during my time on this placement.
Due to the nature of the placement agency, I was fairly nervous and anxious about being able to build a rapport with the service users, however after a number of assessments I felt more at ease and my learning increased and I began to feel more confident.

Experiencing a number of assessments, meetings, reviews and being part of rehabilitation training gave me the chance to demonstrate the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) and I tried hard to meet every domain in all activities. The PCF is an overarching professional standards framework, which applied to all Social Workers in England. The PCF is divided into nine domains which are; professionalism, values and ethics, diversity, rights and justice, knowledge, critical reflection, intervention and skills, context and organisations and professional leadership. These domains apply to students like myself, as they demonstrate my knowledge, values and skills and help to develop throughout my training. I am so pleased that ECL Sensory Service were able to help and support me to demonstrate these throughout.

Conducting observations and creating service user feedback challenged me into being able to adapt my services to meet the service users’ needs and became an encounter that I managed to overcome. Through brilliant supervision with Jane, my Supervisor within the organisation, I was able to demonstrate my understanding of Social Work interventions and grow in confidence to effectively support the service users.

Looking back at my first couple of weeks on placement and then to how far I have come, completing work by the deadlines, putting effort into everyday at placement and overcome any worries that I had, reassured me and confirmed my interest in Social Work and allowed me to widen my interests within the sensory sector and be proud of myself for the hard work I have put in.

I am so truly grateful to have been given such a great first placement. Everyone in the team was helpful, supportive, encouraging and reassuring towards me. This meant a lot as it made my time at ECL as enjoyable as it has been. I cannot thank everyone enough for making my time here so special.

Lauren and the team
Lauren, Terri & Heidi

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